Pneumatically operated diaphragm valve GEMÜ 650 BioStar

The GEMÜ 650 BioStar 2/2-way diaphragm valve is pneumatically operated.


The GEMÜ 650 2/2-way diaphragm valve has a stainless steel piston actuator and is pneumatically operated. The valve is designed for use in a sterile environment. All metallic actuator components are made of stainless steel. The compression springs of diaphragm sizes 80 and 100 are made of epoxy coated spring steel. Normally closed (NC), Normally open (NO) and Double acting (DA) control functions are available. An integral optical position indicator is standard. —Hermetic separation between medium and operator —Suitable for inert and corrosive liquid and gaseous media —CIP/SIP cleaning and sterilising capabilities —Autoclave capability —Optional flow direction and installation position

  • Diaphragm valve
  • stainless steel
  • pneumatic

Product features

Body material 1.4408, investment casting
Body material 1.4435, forged body
Body material 1.4435, investment casting
Body configuration Tank bottom valve body
Body configuration 2/2-way body; T body
Actuator Pneumatic
Operating pressure 0 to 10 bar
DN 4 to 100
Media temperature -10 to 100 °C

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