Polenta is ground corn grits. Corn is a product that retains all its useful properties, even after boiling and frying. Its vitamins and minerals are quickly absorbed in the body. The corn is delicious. And besides, there are many vitamins inside it. Due to its chemical composition, it is called "the queen on the table." It has a very low percentage of allergenic items. Doctors are allowed to give porridge even to babies. Corn porridge is a grain of ripe, dried corn, ground to a powdery state. The product is rich in vitamins and can be used as a separate dish or as a side dish. Cooks use cornmeal to make bread, and unusual tortillas, canned food, and even salads. Corn porridge is added to pies instead of filling, to cereals, and of course to soups. In ancient times, corn was worshiped by Indians throughout the modern United States and Central America. They worshiped her like a goddess. With the help of corn, they are treated in folk medicine.

Cereals and grains
  • крупа кукурузная
  • полента
  • каша для завтрака

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