PolyBulb® blind rivet

Perfect for delicate applications with soft and brittle materials


Washer-shaped locking head This valuable locking head shape distributes the contact pressure evenly over the component, making it the perfect fastener for riveting soft and brittle components such as plastics and composites. Large clamping range One PolyBulb® blind rivet replaces up to three conventional blind rivets and reduces part variety. Combining multiple dimensions saves handling and storage costs and also permanently reduces the risk of confusion in the workplace. Controlled hole reveal By filling the hole according to the requirements, the PolyBulb® blind rivet creates an optimal connection. Customer benefits: • Washer-shaped blind head formation with large blind head diameter. • Aesthetic setting pattern, only one pronounced closing head • High tensile strength and unbonding force • Locked residual rivet mandrel • Rattle-free application • Process controllable

  • blind rivet
  • riveting

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