PolyGrip (blind rivet nuts)

The GESIPA® blind rivet nuts with large grip range


The PolyGrip® blind rivet nuts Die PolyGrip® blind rivet nuts are the logical further development of many years of experience with our PolyGrip® multi-range blind rivets. Thanks to the benefi ts of its large drilling hole tolerance and the option of covering various grip ranges with just one fastener, the PolyGrip® blind rivet nut has become a fi rst-choice connector in many industrial applications and in trade. PolyGrip® blind rivet nuts – The GESIPA® blind rivet nuts with large grip range Bringing together multiple dimensions saves handling and storage costs while also permanently reducing the risk of confusion in the workplace and the quality problems this can result in. Large grip range: Ideally, the one PolyGrip® blind rivet nut can replace up to fi ve different dimensions of DIN standard blind rivet nuts thanks to the large grip range.

  • Gesipa
  • Blind riveting
  • Polygrip

Product features

Material Aluminium, Stainless steel

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