A wide grip range: A single PolyGrip® blind rivet can replace to up to fi ve different dimensions of DIN standard blind rivets. • Outstanding hole fi lling capability: The rivet body expands radially during the setting process and compensates hole tolerances, centering deviations and differences in diameter, thus always building up a playfree and tight joint. • Safe rest mandrel locking: PolyGrip® blind rivets neither generate rattling noises due to free moving rest mandrels nor do they allow the risk of loss of the rest mandrel. • Splash waterproof are the PolyGrip® blind rivets under certain conditions too. Hole fi lling and rest mandrel locking make of them a real alternative to closed end rivets when it is essential to prevent water fl owing through the whole joint and not only through the rivet body. • A large closing head: for a high tensile and unbuttoning resistance.

  • Blind rivets
  • Polygrip rivets
  • Gesipa

Product features

Material alu/stainless steel

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