Excellent thermal performance, light transmission, light-weight sheets are cost effective and easy to install. Akyver ™ Sun Type Polycarbonate Sheets Sun type sheets offer thermal insulation, lightness, allow cold bending and have a high impact resistance. Made of multiwall polycarbonate cells, these sheets are ideal indoor and outdoor areas including false ceilings, interior walls, paneling, cladding and glazing of tertiary, industrial, sports or agricultural buildings and roofing. Our offer include a wide range of multiwall polycarbonate sheets ranging from 4 to 50 mm in thicknesses. Recommended thicknesses per application: 4mm: Ceilings, indoor panelling, and small green houses 6mm: Green houses, skylights, sheds, cladding panels, outdoor paneling 8 and 10mm: shed, cladding panels, skylight, and partion panels 16 to 25mm: Skylights, roofing, cladding, and veranda coverings 32 to 50 mm: Veranda coverings Technical Leaflet's for: 8-10mm 16-25mm 32-50mm 4W 10mm 2W 16mm ECO A7W...

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