Polyester putty - GAPOL


A quality filler for general use and adhesion to all types of metal (also aluminium) and plastic. Gapol has a black colour and that offers the following features: incorporated sanding guide: filler turns grey during sanding incorporated coverage guide: filler becomes visible if not enough primer coverage incorporated sand-through guide: filler becomes visible when sanding through the primer Universal filler, adheres to old painted surfaces, but also to steel, galvanised metal, aluminium, all kinds of plastic, wood and MDF. Already during application, the black shining filler offers visual aid, as on a black shining surface it is easy to see all irregularities / imperfections with the naked eye. Built-in sanding guide: during sanding the putty fades from black to dark grey. The spots that are too low (not sanded) clearly remain black. Once degreased, the filler regains its deep black colour. Inspecting for possible irregularities is easy now. Built-in coating guide and sanding through guide: whether one finishes with beige or grey filler, once the black colour is covered, one can also be sure of the necessary thickness of the filler coating. If afterwards one would sand through the putty accidently, the black base will occur as a sanding through guide. Reference Description Box pal GAP 00 polyester putty 2kg + hardener - GAPOL 6 288 GAP 51 hardener red - 50g 1 X

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