Polyester putty - LIGHT


LIGHT - universal finishing putty. A real light weight, same applications as “MULTI” putty but results in the same fine finish as “FINE” putty, easy sanding. User info: mix your putty always with 2 to 3 % hardener; if you have any doubt, please use a balance. Too much hardener causes not only a fast drying, but can also cause detachment of the putty and can leave marks through the paint. Mix the hardener very carefully with the putty and avoid air infiltration during mixing, this can give irregularities during application and sanding of the putty. Choose the right putty for the right application. Reference Description Box pal GAP 30 Light polyester putty 1.5kg + hardener 6 198 GAP 51 Hardener red 50g 1 X GAP 35 Finixa polyester putty 2.5kg + hardener - light 4 180 GAP 55 Finixa hardener red 60g for GAP 35 100 X

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