Polyethlene radiation protection


Product name: Polyethylene radiation protection (PE-radiation protection) Delivery Form Sheets, cuts Specification PE radiation protection– technical plastic Polyethylene Ultra- High- Molecular- Weight (Shorten: PE UHMW, PE 1000 or RCH 1000) and Polyethylene High- Molecular- Weight (Shorten: PE HMW, PE 500) are even without additives very good materials for radiation protection. With special additives the radiation protection can be multiplied a lot! In this form PE radiation protection can be used for radiation protection doors, radiation protection chambers or radio protection bunkers. Compared to lead or concrete Polyethylene offers ( even with additives ) a specific weight from about 1 and is very light ( lead ~ 11 ). Additionally PE offers features like 0 % water consumption rate, is resistant against acids and lyes and many more! Thickness PE radiation protection – technical plastic We offer pressed sheets from PE with...

Product features

Product name Polyethylene radiation protection (PE-radiation protection)
Delivery Form Sheets, cuts
Colors Standard nature, black green , Special colors possible even in smaller amounts , with radioation pro
Thickness 8 - 280 mm
Dimension 3.000 x 2.500 x 8 - 120 mm* 2.000 x 1.000 x 10 - 280 mm or cuts from these standards
Surface smooth or planed, * checker plate surface possible
Minimum order quantity 1 Standard sheet
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