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Polymer optical fibre as duplex fibre cable version

Polymer optical fibre as duplex fibre cable version with PUR sheath


HITRONIC® POF DUPLEX PE cable version with PE twin cores and PUR outer sheath, non-metallic strain relief, cable colour orange; J-V2Y(ZN)11Y 2P980/1000 Benefits: Optical signal transmission up to 70 m, easy to handle, no interference by external fields, no grounding problems, suitable for direct connector assembly Application range: Plastic fibre-optic cable for optical signal transmission in industrial applications, FD cable version: for flexible applications (drag chain) Product features: Outer sheath flame-retardant and halogen-free, resistant to abrasion, oil, microbes and hydrolysis, adhesion-free, FD cable version: 5,000,000 bending cycles

Industrial cabling
  • polymer Optical Fibre Cable

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