Polypropylene for electrical insulation - flame retardant and heat stabilized Polypropylene for electrical insulation



DURAVOLTA is a new developed flame retardant and heat stabilized Polypropylene, made in Germany. The main reason for developing this material was to offer a halogenfree material according to IEC 61249-2-21 with outstanding heat and electrical insulation properties. It unites very good technical values, high form stability and ecologically aspects with a very good price-performance-ratio. Advantages: •halogenfree according to IEC 61249-2-21 •outstanding RTI el von 120°C according UL 746B •very good electrical insulation properties by high resistivities and dielectric strength •non hygroscopic •very high chemical resistance •very good processing properties •RoHS and WEEE compliant •producable in thicknesses according your needs •recycable •made in germany Application: •computers and computer peripherals •electrical and power distribution systems •telecommunications equipment •conventional and uninterruptible power supplies •medical equipment and lighting •consumer products