Toothed belt made of polyurethane exhibit a high resistance to lubricants, moisture and chemicals. Moreover, they are highly resistant to wear . These belts are endless manufactured or e ndless welded , either with steel cords or kevlar tension carrier in simple and double interlocked execution. The pitches go by T5 , T10, T20, AT5 , AT10 , AT20 , XL , L, H, XH , 5M , 8M and 14M , for the double gearing DT5 , DT10 , DT20 , DAT5 , DAT10 , DAT20 , DXL , DL, DH , DXH , D5M , D8M and D14M , each available in lengths from 1,500 to 22,770 mm. Another variation, timing belt with steel strands in a simple teeth or double teeth , available in the profiles T2 , T5 , T10, AT5 , AT10 , DT5 , DT10 , MXLPU , XLPU , LPU and HPU .


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