Polyurethane synchronous belt

Poly Chain® GT Carbon™


Identification Construction The construction consists of an elaboration tough and lightweight polyurethane compound. It is resistant face to chemist products and provides the best adhesion with carbon traction cords. The carbon fibre reinforcement brings a high potency and length constancy with improved shock load fatigue resistance and flexibility. The nylon fabric facing acts as a wear resistant surface and protecting teeth. It also keeps frictional losses to the minimum. The new curvilinear tooth profile ameliorates stress distribution and permits higher overall loading. Now also available in two special belt constructions: Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ High Temperature The special polyurethane material brings excellent heat resistance. It permits the Poly Chain® to be totally operational under high temperatures ranging up to 120°C and even up to 140°C during a short time; Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ Hot Oil The special polyurethane material brings excellent oil and heat resistance, ensuring a problem-free operation in oil and high temperatures areas ranging up to 120°C (applicable for transfer cases, gear boxes…). ADVANTAGES High power capacity: at least a quarter higher power than a Poly Chain® GT2. Clean, quiet, compact, durable, maintenance-free, energy saving and eco-friendly operation. A stable virtual belt tension during all belt’s lifetime. Back idlers are allowed. Created to work with standard Poly Chain® GT pulleys. Usable for temperatures from -54°C to +85°C. A different version can be used to 140°C. Can be used in: industrial equipment (mining, construction, food and beverage, wood, paper, pulp, textile), conveying equipment, lifting and handling equipment, agricultural and forestry equipment, machine tools, motorcycle rear wheel drives, bicycle drives … and many more.

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