Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is a white yellowish solid. PVA is a thermoplastic polymer used as adhesive agent as well as for the thickening additive in coatings, adhesives and cosmetics. Moreover, PVA is used as glue in the paper industry. As PVA is water soluble it is also used for the production of water soluble films. PersonalCare Applications Polyvinyl alcohol is a water soluble synthetic resin with excellent adhesive strength, film formability and chemical stability. It is used widely in the cosmetic industry, for example, as a film forming agent for peel off packs, and as an emulsifier and thickener for lotions. Different Types are available: GOHSENOL™ EG - INCI: Polyvinyl alcohol Properties High-purity PVOH Application Mask Clear Up Strips Make up Mascara Creme GOHSENX™ Z - INCI: Hydrolyzed VA / vinyl acetoacetate copolymer Properties Cross linkability - by several cross-linking agents - by heat treatment - by UV irradiation Water resistant by using cross linking agent Good


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