The MOBILE-MAG is a portable converter for full pipe sensors. It is either DC powered or battery powered (AP1235). The MOBILE–MAG is suited for connection to the following sensors for full pipe measurements: AVI-Mag TM Multi-Mag Flo-Pipe Model FP180 & Model FP181 Sewer-Mag Mag-Meter MS1000 & MS2500 When combined with one of the above mentioned sensors and using the 123 platform, the MOBILE-MAG becomes a powerful full pipe flowmeter and data reporting system. The MOBILE-MAG provides users with a reliable solution for full pipe portable flow monitoring applications. The standard model includes: an IP67 enclosure; a 3-key numerical key pad; a graphical backlit LCD display, 10-36 VDC power supply and a GPRS transmission to 123 platform. Key Features: No in field calibration needed GPRS transmission Diagnostic function Bi-directional (depending on the sensor) Empty pipe detection Applications: Drinking Water: Distribution, Filter Balancing & Backwash, Pump S

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