HASO-RFLEX combines Imagine Optic’s high-performance HASO Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors with an auto-collimator and focusing modules to provide users with a versatile and turnkey solution for accurate characterization of optical systems and surfaces. The use of HASO in its RFLEX configuration maintains the intrinsic measurement performance given by the HASO sensor proprietary calibration to offer accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements. HASO-RFLEX maintains “natural” advantages of the SHWFS, it is insensitive to vibrations/atmospheric turbulence and provides a high dynamic range. WaveView software is provided. The HASO-RFlex simplicity and level of performance allows the characterization of large complex optical components. It was successfully used to align and characterize the Corot, Gaia, Herschel Space Telescope and the Gemini Planet finder. The HASO-RFlex is available for H3-32, H4-50 and H3-128 GE2 with a wide range of focusing modules designed with specific F numbers

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