Nomad™ Portable Optical Profiler Nomad portable optical profiler measuring an 18-inch optic Key Features: • Lightweight & portable, yet has workstation-level performance • Sits directly on measured surface with non-marring feet • Eliminates risk associated with moving/handling large parts • Eliminates challenges of fixturing a bench-top instrument for oversized samples. A portable optical profiler is the ideal solution for situations where you need to measure the surface of an object that is too large for the measurement stage of a conventional workstation profiler. Small in size and lightweight, the Nomad optical profiler sits directly on the surface you want to measure. Bringing the profiler to the surface eliminates risks associated with moving/handling a large part and attempting to fixture it for a workstation profiler that was not designed for the task. Powerful Performance – Portable Package You don't have to sacrifice precision for portability with the Nomad profiler....

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