Scanning area 15'' diag. Weight 3.5 Kg Image acquisition time 5 sec Operating in conjunction with our Constant Potential X-Ray sources CP120B or CP160B and their small focal spots, the FLATSCAN15 & FLATSCAN30 deliver a sharp, clear and detailed X-Ray image with a resolution of up to 400μ pixels. The FLATSCANs are perfect for many applications including corrosion determination, moisture detection in honeycomb or missile head inspection. The FLATSCANs are definitely the ideal compromise between securing detailed X-Ray pictures and keeping costs under control.

Product features

Sensor type - Linear diode array
Resolution - 40 AWG / 1.25 lp/mm
Pixel size μm 400
Dynamic range (grey levels) bits 14 (16.384 grey levels)
Active area mm 307 x 230
Max. penetration in steel with CP120B mm 25
Max. penetration in steel with CP160B mm 30
Battery type - Li-ion
External dimensions mm 376 x 322 x 40.5
Weight Kg 3.5
Operating temperature °C -10 to +40
Storage temperature °C -10 to +65
Communication protocol - Bluetooth, Wifi, or cable

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