Portable lathe for turning drill holes and sealing surfaces in vales, cylinders, pumps, turbine housings, flanges etc. It is particularly suitable for turning cylindrical sealing surfaces in high-pressure valves (board-cutting seal) and for turning complete valve seats as well as for turning conical sealing surfaces. • Operated via Mobile Panel • Controls for fine adjustments located on gear housing • Operator does not have to interfere with moving parts • Axial and radial paths are limited by limit switches • Machines are supplied equipped with all the necessary accessories • Fully-automatic radial and axial feed • Axial feed, continuously adjustable • Excellent stability even when removing large amounts of swarf (robust rotary head) • Suitable for installation in any situation – on site or in the workshop • Variety of installation systems • Precision height and centre adjustment • Use of standard square tool holders • Extension of immersion depth possible

Turning - steels and metals
  • Lathe
  • Flanges
  • boring

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