Portable precision Sensor Interface - 72-9206-REF

USB load cell signal converter, universal, transmitter, for potentiometers


The 9206 USB sensor interface series is ideally suited to Notebook-based mobile use for high-precision, traceable calibration jobs that must be performed on-site for equipment such as presses, torque measurement facilities and pressure control systems. A factory calibration certificate or German-accredited DAkkS calibration certificate can optionally be provided for the USB interface plus relevant sensors, ensuring compliance even with the stringent traceability requirements of quality assurance standards. Features: — “Plug & Measure” interface for strain gauge sensors, potentiometric sensors and standard signals — 6-wire connection technology — Practical and convenient DigiCal calibration and data acquisition software — 24-bit resolution — Free LabView driver DLL for integrating in your own software environment — Multipurpose reference measurement chain with optional factory calibration certificate or Germanaccredited DAkkS calibration certificate — Pt100 as option

  • signal converter
  • USB load cell
  • USB sensor

Product features

Sample rate 1200/s
Type of sensor Strain gauge, potentiometric
Type of sensor DC/DC, Pt100
Interfaces USB
Indicator Status LED
Sensor excitation Strain gauge: 2,5 V / 5 V
Sensor excitation Potentiometer: 5 V
Sensor excitation Transmitter and DC/DC: 12 V
Protection class IP67
Supply voltage 4 V … 6 V
Measurement channels 16
Connection type 6-wire connection technology

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