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The Texel Portal BX is a fullcolor 3D scanner for scanning people. Fill in the registration form, start the scan and in just 30 seconds you will get a fulllength accurate 3D image of yourself. Portal BX is more than a 3D scanner. It is a complete complex which consists of a hightech scanner and software from Texel. While the scanner analyzes the person standing on the platform, special algorithms prepare to take over. In just 1 minute in the Texel Cloud the results of the scan turn into a realistic 3D model. Portal BX requires minimal human input and only requires registration with your name and email in order to receive the link to the model. You can share the link with your friends on social media right from our cloud. We have automated and simplified everything that was possible scanning, processing data, building 3D models and preparing them for production.

3D scanner
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