Testing requirements for a manufacturer in electronics industries had changed: For an assembly included in a smartphone, the absence of contact between speaker ultra fine wires and adjacent components is essential. Fulfillment of this condition, until now only subjected random sampling by microscopy, from now on has to be verified in a 100% procedure. Due to labor cost, microscopy for this amount of inspection is no more lucrative. Detection of ultra fine wires in electronic device The particular challenge The fine wires made of copper in smartphone speakers dispose of a high reflection and only a small diameter. The QuellTech Solution A high-resolution QuellTech 2D/3D Q4-5 Laser, featuring a particularly adapted laser wavelength and an ultrafine laser line in the corresponding installation, is combined with a linear axis equipped with a convenient encoder output. Due to its special chip analysis, the Quelltech sensor delivers a stable and highly reproducible signal on the fine wires

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