Material: Bearing block and carriage aluminium alloy. Guide column and threaded spindle stainless steel. Plain bearing for guide columns and spindle nut high-quality special plastic. Claw coupling aluminium with polyurethane coupling spider. Version: Aluminium alloy anodized. Stainless steel hardened and ground. Threaded spindle with ball bearing. Note for ordering: The unit is supplied with the position of cable outlet or control unit as shown in the drawing. Note: Positioning tables for motorised adjustment and positioning tasks. The plain bearings and spindle nuts are suitable for dry running, however lubrication with a grease for plastic plain bearings is recommended. The suitable programming software and interface cable for the stepper motor with positioning control are available as accessories (21088). The stepper motor with a resolution of 200 increments per rotation allows a single direction calculated positioning accuracy of 0.005 mm. The absolute single direction...

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