Material: Bearing block and carriage aluminium alloy, anodized. Guide columns stainless steel, ground. Spindle stainless steel, rolled thread. Guide bearing maintenance-free. Position indicator plastic. Version: Radial play on guide < 0.02 mm. No axial backlash. Spindle self-locking, with additional lock. Note: Due to the practically play-free guides and absolutely play-free spindle, loosening or clamping of the spindle is not required during adjustments. Digital position indicators with 0.1 mm display accuracy, digits increase with right rotation. The display value of the position indicator can be adjusted by turning the carrier ring. The mounted position of the position indicator can be set in 4 positions with a screw. Within the respective sizes, the positioning tables can be easily combined in the modular principle. Drawing reference: Assembly position of position indicator: a) top (standard) b) right c) bottom d) left Special features:

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