Potassium Magnesium Citrate 100 Capsules

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An ideal duo: Potassium & magnesium in citrate form have a variety of tasks. A good supply of potassium is only useful if the supply of magnesium is good at the same time, because magnesium is necessary for the transport of potassium into cells. The two minerals are particularly effective when they are supplied jointly in the optimum proportions. Supports/Is good for Stress and unrest Mood swings, tiredness Increased blood pressure Cardiovascular system weakness Muscular cramps in sports and physical strain Bowel problems, constipation, extended diarrhoea Oedema, water retention Weak kidneys Osteoporosis Recommended dose 2 to 3 capsules every day with water. Potassium is found in particular in the cells and is essential for energy metabolism. Moreover, it has important functions during substance transportation through the cell membrane. Potassium is necessary for the maintenance of heart and muscular function, nerve conduction.

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