7.1 Smoothness


Smoothness is a measure of the deviations from perfect regularity that appear in the output voltage of a potentiometer. This irregularity is measured over a specified travel increment, for example 1 %, and is expressed as a percentage of the applied voltage. For the measurement of smoothness, the VRCI definition calls for a bandpass filter to be used as a means of suppressing any linearity error and for the potentiometer to be operated with a load resistance (e.g. 100 . Rp). This method has certain disadvantages: a) The use of a filter causes both the absolute wiper velocity and any changes in such velocity to affect the smoothness values. Since the filter partly integrates and partly differntiates, the chart-recorded smoothness curve does not accurately indicate the variations in the output signal. b) The load applied to the potentiometer also contributes to error by causing variation in the contact resistance which is greatest with the wiper at the voltage application end and...

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