7.2 Microlinearity


In 1978, Novotechnik introduced the term Microlinearity, which is defined as the maximum linearity variation within a travel or angular increment that amounts - as with smoothness measurement - to 1 % of the electrical range if nothing to the contrary is defined. Microlinearity is indicated as a percentage of the absolute voltage that is applied. Fig. 11 illustrates the characteristic obtained for a potentiometer with a microlinearity error. This was evaluated by a computer-supported system while making linearity measurements. The travel increments are super-imposed on the linearity curve and have an overlap of at least 50 %. Contrary to a smoothness measurement, the error here is pureley a linearity error that describes the maximum error within a defined increment. Microlinearity does not, however, make it possible to determine whether a potentiometer will be suitable for a particular applications because any variations in gradient (sensitivity) can only be determined with...

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