Potentiometric angle of rotation sensor - 8820

Rotary position sensor, potentiometer, analog, economical , precise, inexpensive


As an angle sensor that is both accurate and economical, this rotary potentiometer is suitable for all types of analog angle measurement up to 350°. Typical fields of application include: Position feedback in servo-systems Pendulum weighing machines Cam and butterfly flap positions Jockey roller controllers Measuring the tension of threads and tape Trigonometric measurements at joints The heart of the potentiometric angular displacement sensors is an extremely precise, low-wear resistor track made of plastic. Due to its high resistance to abrasion, the sensors are particularly suitable for measurements for the purpose of quality assurance in ongoing production, where a long service life and large numbers of rotations are required. The potentiometric angular displacement sensor uses a multi-finger slider system with precious metal contacts. This ensures good contact even when moving at high speed and in the presence of vibrations.

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Product features

Principle Potentiometric
Measuring range 0 ... 350°
Signal output Depending on supply voltage
Protection class IP40
Range of operating temperature -55 ... +100 °C
Supply voltage max. 50 V
Electrical connection 3 pins for soldering, gold-plated
Continuous rotation possible Yes
Displacement speed max. 600 RPM

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