The MCR module is intended to drive an automatic powder electrostatic paint installation. It accurately supervises all the parameters such as spray setpoints, gun on/off, motions of (2) RFV 2000 SAMES KREMLIN reciprocators, and interface with the customer's workshop. Controls reciprocator movements Setpoints of powder application Part detection Conveyor pulse control Performance MCR simultaneously manages two types of different sprayers (inoBell and Auto Mach-Jet) in a single application table. Productivity Possibility to change the parameters during production without stopping the conveyor. A corrective co-efficient is also provided to adjust the parameters more quickly without modifying all parameters (e.g.: increase the powder flow rate by 10% of all the spray guns instantaneously). Sustainability Preventive maintenance - a production summary counts the hours of operation of the spray guns and the reciprocators. Simple drive of the...

Product features

Electrical Power 230 singolo V - W
Weight 10800 (381) g (oz)

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