Shamotny powder - a component of fire-resistant solution. It is applied to binding of fire-resistant bricks at a laying and repair of furnaces. After crushing and crushing chamotte is applied as otoshchayushchy (reducing plasticity and shrinkage when drying and roasting) a component of shamotny masses at formation of products, production of mertel, torkrt - masses, as filler of fire-resistant concrete, etc. Physical and chemical indicators Name of an indicator Powder brand on TU 14-8-90-74 PSHKA PSHKB Mass fraction of Al2O3, %, not less 35 30 Mass fraction of Fe2O3, % - - Fire resistance, �C, not below 1730 1670 Water absorption, %, no more - - Humidity (at shipment), %, no more 4 4 Extreme size of pieces, mm, no more - - Mass fraction of grains more small than 0,5 mm, no more - - Grain structure (%, not less): pass through a grid No. 3 100 100 Fillers - natural or artificial materials of a certain grain structure which in rationally made mix in combination with the knitting...

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