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POWER HARROW is a tillage machine with vertical blades which turn right and left continuously. The power harrow does not turnover the soil and keeps the moisture inside. Since the blades turn to the right and left, it does not hold any soil or mud. Vertical operation increases the water intake of the soil. It allows the plant roots to develop faster by preventing stratification deep in the soil. A specially adjusted blade alignment increases efficiency while reducing vibration. It prepares the seedbed, also eliminates weed and plant residue. -Universal 3point CAT III or CAT IV Linkage -1 3/8’’ Z21 spline PTO Protective Shaft -1000 rpm gearbox provides 361 rpm rotor speed -30 cm length 15 mm thick high quality blades -Packer roller with sludge separator -Rotor prevention system. (Developed by Toscano; prevents hose, rope, wire etc. tangling)

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Product characteristics

5000; 6000
Power of Tractor
160 - 280 HP; 180 - 280 HP
Work Width
500 cm; 600 cm
Total Width
520 cm; 620 cm
Road Width
245 cm; 245 cm
3300 kg; 3900 kg
Cultivation Depth
30 cm; 30 cm

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26110 Eskisehir - Turkey