Seedbed preparation tools To favor an energetic emergence, it is essential that the seedbed is well prepared. KUHN offers a wide range of soil preparation tools ranging from tine tools to powers tillers and power harrows. Their robustness, quality of work and comfort of use will satisfy you.

Product features

Working width (m) 3
Gearbox Duplex or Multiplex
Minimum power requirement for PTO (kW) 59
Minimum power requirement for PTO (hp) 80
PTO speed (rpm) 1000/750/540
Maximum authorised tractor power (kW) 140
Maximum authorised tractor power (hp) 190
Transmission With cam type cut-out clutch
Weight with Maxicrumbler roller (kg) 1100 (Duplex) 1140 (Multiplex)
Weight with packer roller (kg) -
Weight with Packer PK2 roller (kg) 1295 (Duplex) 1335 (Multiplex)
Weight with Maxipacker roller (kg) 1325 (Duplex) 1365 (Multiplex)

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