Power transmission belt with mechanical assembly

Poly Chain® Carbon™ Volt®


Exclusive Gates and Tanals The only power transmission belt with mechanical assembly The mechanical fastening system ERO Joint® - developed by Tanals - provide various possibilities to assemble belts on-site without having to disassemble pulleys or axes and to release the transmission. ERO Joint® and ERO joint® Ultimate are developed for and with Gates by Tanals. They offer unique solutions system for easy and fast repair of power transmission. The cutting shapes of the junction fingers have been engineered for maximum tensile strength and fatigue resistance of the Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ material. The power of Gates combined with the creativity of Tanals. Poly Chain® GT Carbon™ outstanding mechanical performance combined to patented innovative solution ERO Joint® Ultimate offer the only transmission belt with mechanical assembly whose performances equal those of all other endless belts on the market. A sustainable solution able to replace any rubber belt.

Transmission belts

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