PowerBird® Innovation As the stronger brother to the well-known AccuBird® the PowerBird® is the powerful extension of the so-called „Bird family“ from GESIPA® able to cope with all structure blind rivets. Practical aspects User oriented scope of delivery: metal carrying case with one battery charger, one battery and four nosepieces Economy • Good price-performance ratio • Large working range • Short processing times • High service life thanks to 2.6 Ah power battery PowerBird® – With Li-Ion energy 2.6 Ah battery, alternatively 1.3 Ah on request PowerBird® – Der Versatility Blind rivets from 4.8 mm Ø steel, up to 6.4 mm Ø all materials and up to 8 mm alu, except G-Bulb® Ø 6.4 mm. Bulb-tite® blind rivets up to 7.7 mm Ø all materials. Mega Grip® blind rivets up to 6.4 mm Ø all materials.

Metalworking - portable power tools
  • PowerBird

Product features

Material Plastic, Steel

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