PowerBird® Pro Gold Edition spring-loaded trigger system

Riveting tool
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Due to the brushless motor and the 20,000 N setting force, the PowerBird Pro Gold Edition is even stronger and sets blind rivets of all materials up to 6.4 mm diameter. The autoreverse function enables a faster setting process, the PowerBird Pro Gold Edition is ready for work again immediately. Thanks to a tool stroke of 25 mm, setting particularly long rivets is no problem. Thanks to its brushless design, the motor of the PowerBird Pro Gold Edition is extremely durable and almost wear-free. In addition, it is equipped with the low-wear chuck jaw system that has already proven itself thousands of times. The pressure release ensures that the components to be riveted lie reliably on top of each other without a gap before the riveting process. Furthermore, it is ensured that the blind rivet reaches its final position in the hole before the setting process and that the setting head is in contact. The pressure force can be variably adjusted by springs, depending on the application.

  • Metalworking - portable power tools
  • spring-loaded trigger system
  • riveting tool

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64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf - Germany