The PowerBird® Pro enhances the Pro series. With a force of 15,000 N and the tried-and-tested brushless motor, the PowerBird® Pro is powerful and fast when installing blind rivets up to Ø 6.4 mm in any material. The optional Autoreverse function additionally shortens the pulling process, ensuring the PowerBird® Pro is immediately ready for operation. The stroke has been substantially increased to 25 mm for the purpose of setting particularly long rivets. Since no wear-prone brushes are used, the motor of the PowerBird® Pro has an extremely long service life, is virtually non-wearing and reliably guarantees the fastest setting frequencies. The PowerBird® Pro is also equipped with the low-wear jaws system, which has already proven its worth a thousand times over.

Metalworking - portable power tools
  • PowerBird Gold Edition
  • Gesipa
  • blind riveting

Product features

Material Plastic, Steel

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