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Powered Battery Change Solutions For Industrial Batteries - Single Tier Battery Transfer Cars


Single Tier Battery Transfer Cars Our single tier transfer car has twin roller beds for carrying two batteries, and works with single tier storage modules. It is either mains or battery powered and has an operator cab with ergonomic push button controls. Traction batteries of all types can be handled. They are loaded and unloaded by the magnetic push/pull arm in a fast and efficient process that removes the need for operator input. This transfer car has a 3000kg capacity. Minimise downtime and maximize use of space with single and multi-tier solutions. Ride on transfer car systems are the most efficient way to change and store batteries, making the best use of the smallest amount of valuable floor space within your distribution centre. Use with any type of trucks with roll out batteries, spread equally over either one, two or more levels of storage and accessed using a dedicated system transfer car. ** Click for more **