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Powertrailer 6000

Waste & Cleaning


The state of the art PowerTrailer 6000 is the most powerful vacuum unit of its kind. It is capable of handling all your local and industrial suction jobs like catch basin draining, debris removal, tank emptying, deep trench cleaning, ship cleaning etc. The PowerTrailer can be used in the chemical, petro-chemical and marine industries for a variety of dangerous products, as well as in all other industrial sectors. It is build on a 3-axle articulated trailer and is equipped with a barrel in stainless steel 304L. To ensure the maximum reliability of the PowerTrailer, both the cooling and jetting water tank, as well as the entire ductwork, are made of stainless steel. The core of the PowerTrailer consists of two of our powerful liquid ring pumps, the PV3000, in twin operation with a flow of 3.000m³/h each. The chimney outlet allows you to discharge the gasses at a safe height of 6m. For the discharge of liquids, a small but adequate compressor is installed, with a discharge pressure of 2.

Product features

  Waste   for hazardous waste products acc. ADR 2007 -     §6.10 - tankcode L4AH & S4AH
  Type   3 axle articulated trailer
  Power take-off   On-board, 300 HP auxiliary engine
  Shape   cylindrical tank - stainless steel 316L (1.4404)
  Capacity   20.000 L
  Tipping tank   Yes
  Manhole   1 off
  Walkway   full length on both sides
  Rear door   full hydraulic opening upwards
  Rear door clamps   hydraulically operated
  Inlet valve   ND150
  Vacuum pump   2 pcs Stokota liquid ring vacuum pump – PV3000
  Flow   Total flow of ±6.000 m³/h
  Drive   Mechanical with pneumatic clutch xww1112
  Ductwork   stainless steel
  Outlet   through chimney outlet
  Compressor   rotary vane type
  Max pressure   2.5 bar
  Jetting pump   triple piston jetting pump
  Pressure   ±120 bar
  Pressure reg. Valve   manual setting
  Watertank   stainless steel - 1.500 L
  Hose reel   SS hose reel
Further equipment hose rack
Outside acrylic paint

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