Pre-Finished Ribbons On 50mm Clipband
Pre-Finished Ribbons On 50mm Clipband  - ELKE PLASTIC GMBH


Our PRE-FINISHED BOWS with glue spot – a simple but effective way to upgrade your packaging. The use of our PRE-FINISHED BOWS is easy and uncomplicated: With the glue spot on the back of the ribbon you can affix it anywhere on your packaging or on the closure clip. The elegant PRE-FINISHED BOWS can be used on the widest variety of packaging forms for example on block bottom bags or cornets. A cute ribbon lends every sort of packaging additional charm and so provides an authentic and stylish decorative note at Christmas or Easter. The advantages of high-grade PRE-FINISHED BOWS from Elke Plastic: - Two-winged bows with a glue spot for simple application - Ideal for gift packaging or table decorations - Saves time when packaging gifts for festive occasions - Optimal for packing gifts for Christmas or birthdays.

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  • Pre-Finished Ribbons On 50mm Clipband
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