Precision grade plate beam splitters offer higher flatness and parallel specifications particularly useful in laser and imaging applications. Both faces of these precision beamsplitters are polished to a high degree of flatness of λ/4 and have excellent surface quality. Precision splitters are made from high quality optically polished BK7 with both surfaces controlled to a high degree of parallelism. Our stock ranges of precision beamsplitters are available for use in Visible, Near Infrared and Telecoms wavelengths with 50/50 split ratio. The beamsplitter coating is a high quality dielectric coating, the non-splitting face of the beamsplitter is multilayer antireflective coated to eliminate second face ghosting effects. For more information read the PDF

Optical measuring equipment
  • Precision plate beamsplitters
  • Broadband polarising beamsplitters
  • Standard polarizing beamsplitters

Product features

Material: N-BK7
Diameter: +0/-0.1mm
Length/Width: +/-0.1mm
Thickness: +/-0.1mm
Surface Quality: <40:20 scratch/dig
Flatness: λ/4 over 90% aperture (both faces)

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