The PRECISION SYSTEM series of linear units are self-sustaining profile systems made of extruded aluminum and steel for the TK series, able to ensure excellent precision. The motion is achieved by means of precision rolled recirculating ball screws with preloaded or non preloaded ball nuts, depending on the models. Using the recirculating ball bearing technology for the screws and the rails ensures great performance to the linear actuators, such as: High precision and high axial forces High mechanical performance Low wear and tear Low resistance to movement High speed (for long pitch screws) The Precision System series consists of 4 distinct products with different features: TH, TT, TV, TK. PRECISION SYSTEM - TH TH linear actuators are rigid and compact, ball screw driven linear units, enabling high positioning accuracy and repeatability in all process phases with optimal performance assured, with a repeatability within 5 µm. Thrust force transmission is achieved by means of...

Internal transport systems
  • High protection for dirty environments
  • Space saving thanks to compact design
  • Simple and safe maintenance through separate lubrication for ball screw drive and guides

Product features

TT 100-155-225-310 TT 100-155-225-310
TV 60-80-110-140 TV 60-80-110-140
TVS 170-220 TVS 170-220
TH 70-90-145-110 TH 70-90-145-110
Max. running speed 2,5m/s

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