Precision Turning Parts 1) Mold design and construction 2) Cast and machine complete including heat treatment, NDT testing and coatings,turning. 3) Materials included but not limited to: austenitic, martensitic and precipitation hardening stainless steel alloy, tool, high strength steels, aluminum, copper, magnesium and cobalt-based alloy 4) Tolerance: o linear+/-0.1mm per 20mm 5) Straightness: 0.1mm per 20mm 6) Angular: +/-1 degree 7) Surface finish: 3.2mm (125rms) 8) Flatness: 0.1mm per 20mm² 9) Casting grade and class according to MIL specifications, commercial standards We are able to produce customer made precision stamping parts, forging parts , casting parts, CNC machined parts, CNC turning parts ,mechanical components ,mechanical parts and cnc machining parts and so on for you. 1) Brass forging, cutting by CNC machine, Heat-treatment with high quality. 2) Advanced technologies and rigorous Quality control.

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