V-Blocks are precision metalworking jigs typically used to hold round metal rods or pipes for performing drilling or milling operations. They consist of a rectangular steel or cast iron block • Ultimate V-Block for Grinding, Milling or Drilling work. • Made of hardened and Precision ground tool steel. • The sides are parallel and VEE is central and ground. • Central Hole is provided for Drilling or removing Pins. • Clamp is smaller than outside width of the V-Block and has adjustable side screw for support. • V-Block has four 3-8/16 tapped holes two in the base and one on each side for angle Iron clamping. • Block is provided with black oxidized clamp. • Holding Capacity 1-5/16” (33 mm). Singe Clamp Item Code No.Pair Clamps Item Code No.Length InchLength mmWidth InchWidth mmHeight InchHeight mm ABM-EPT-8465ABM-EPT-84703-5/8921-7/8481-7/848

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  • Precision V Block and Clamp Set - Ultimate All Angle Manufacturer and Exporter India

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