Product description Precision shaft Ø 12h6 in Cf53, predrilled M4 x 7 in pitches 75mm Product data: Material: Cf53 hardened: 59-65 HRC Rht min.0,6 grounded Tol. h6 (0-11my) surface roughness: Ra <= 0,3 weight: 0,89kg/m predrilled size: M4 x 7 predrilled (radial) pitches: in steps a 75mm, tol. + / - 0,2mm Details to the threads: T = 75mm T1 / T2 = to depend on length G2 = M4 N2 = 7mm N3 = 2mm S = 5mm Urgent notes for order: The excat required length of the shaft please enter in the bottom field. If you give us no note there, we supply automatically the maximum length of this article. I f you give us no other datas to the first and the last threads, we obtain this mathematically . We supply generally burr-free (without surcharge).

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