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Module-T is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, and provides prefabricated buildings all around the world. Our company specializes in supplying the highest quality prefab buildings at competitive prices with professional support to meet your specific workspace needs. We pre-fabricate your order in our factory and ship it to you for easy on-site assembly which reduces the expense and time delays of traditional construction. We offer a variety of prefabricated containers (office, accommodation, sanitary, locker, guardhouse, kiosk, etc.) to create worksites that meet your requirements. Prefabricated constructions are often used as portable offices and worksites for professionals such as construction workers working in remote areas. After a flood, hurricane, fire or any other disaster, they can be assembled quickly and used as a place of temporary housing for survivors or as a workspace for rescue workers. As a Turkish producer, Module-T provides a full range of assistance for your project.

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