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Prefabricated Building


The elements of prefabricated structures (sandwich panels, light steel construction elements, roof elements, stairs and corridors for prefabricated multistory buildings) have been designed and painted in advance at the factory and have been dispatched to the site for mounting. Reinforced concrete flooring is required for prefabricated building. The material for the finishing is also supplied to be mounted at the site electrical equipment, lighting, windows and doors, floor covering, sanitary. According to the Project of the customer, the prewired sandwich panels can be manufactured in the factory prior to dispatch. The walls of prefabricated building Sandwich panel outer and inner walls with a high galvanized steel surface (sandwich panel surface steel thickness between 0.40 mm and 1.20 mm.) The sandwich panels are prepainted at the factory. We offer three different types of insulation rockwool, polyurethane or expanded

Prefabricated houses
  • Concrete Building
  • Building Flooring
  • Walls Building

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