EUZOEA Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in Crete from selected 100% monο-varietal Koroneiki, hand-picked olives. It is considered to be the finest of all varieties. The welcoming and hospitable Cretan land nourishes the olive groves and they flourish in full abundance. This is the ideal terrain for the Koroneiki to thrive, granting its olive oil with rare qualities. EUZOEA Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced using the method of first cold extraction, at low temperatures (T < 27 oC), under controlled hygienic conditions. Where all necessary measures are applied ensuring the safety and suitability of the product at all stages. It is filled with valuable antioxidants, enhancing wellness and granting its nutritional value in everything it is added. The glowing, golden-green color is obtained by Cold Extraction, preserving its natural taste and without undergoing any chemical treatments. It has a very low acidity level -- lower than 0.8% per 100 grams and it is highly nutritious.

Olive oil
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • olive oil
  • Greek Olive Oil Extra Virgin

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