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Premium M Ceiling Sound Insulation Frame System - Ceiling


Description The third-level soundproofing system is the most effective. It may be used in multi-apartment residential buildings and apartments of enhanced comfort, in special purpose facilities (recording studios, conference rooms, movie and concert halls, restaurants, karaoke-bars, etc.). The system reduces all frequency range sound transmission through walls and floors and ceilings and makes the sounds inaudible for humans (at the sound volume of up to 80-85 dB). The main system elements are composite soundproofing membranes. Basic components TechnoSonus VEM 4 SA Tecsound FT 55 TechnoSonus BP Premium Sonokrep EP 20 Sonetic Bautger 8kg Vibrofloor Band TechnoSonus VEM Band Reinforced Tape AcousticGyps PN 28x27 AcousticGyps PN 60x27 AcousticGyps 2m Self-Threading Screws Dowel Nails

Product information

System thickness
Airborne noise reduction, Rw
Increase in sound insulation, ΔRw
Impact noise reduction,ΔLnw