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  • Premium M1 Ceiling Sound Insulation Frame System

Premium M1 Ceiling Sound Insulation Frame System Verified by Europages badge



The highest level soundproofing system is the most effective. It may be used in multiapartment residential buildings and apartments of enhanced comfort, in special purpose facilities (recording studios, conference rooms, movie and concert halls, restaurants, karaokebars, etc.). The system reduces all frequency range sound transmission through walls and floors and ceilings and makes the sounds inaudible for humans (at the sound volume of up to 8085 dB). The main system elements are AcousticGyps M1 boards. Application Ceiling Basic components AcousticGyps M1 Tecsound FT 55 StopZvuk BP Premium Sonokrep EP 20 Sonetic Bautger 8kg StopZvuk V100 Band Reinforced Tape Tecsound 50 Band AcousticGyps PN 28x27 AcousticGyps PN 60x27 AcousticGyps 2m SelfThreading Screws Dowel Nails

Product information

System thickness
Airborne noise reduction, Rw
Increase in sound insulation, ΔRw
Impact noise reduction,ΔLnw