Premium dosing needles as disposables at preeflow

High-quality"½" standard dosing needles, conical and conical black dosing needle


Now also available from stock: High-quality"½" standard dosing needles, as well as conical and conical black dosing needles for UV applications. In addition to the existing range of mixers and super precision needles, preeflow now also offers"½" dosing needles in various designs. The quality makes the difference: This applies to the dosing systems as well as to the required consumables such as needles and mixers. The years of experience of ViscoTec and the needle manufacturer led to the use and production of premium dosing needles. The processing and design of the dosing needles and the mixer optimizes the application and dosing accuracy of the dispenser. The high-quality needles reduce material losses and improve production performance better than comparable competing models through fast, uncomplicated changeovers and high-precision outputs.

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